Akesis Galaxy

Rotating Gamma System

The Akesis Galaxy™ is a new approach to intracranial radiosurgery, combining the proven efficacy of gamma radiation with state-of-the-art rotational technology to optimize treatment planning and delivery.

Patented Rotational Design

The Akesis Galaxy offers more opportunities to shape the dose distribution and speeds treatment times while dramatically reducing the cost to reload the radiation source.


High Conformality

Software and hardware advances allow you to build more complex composite shots and “shrink-wrap” the dose distribution to the target.


One-Button Delivery

The automated delivery system initiates the treatment process with the push of a single button to streamline workflow and improve the patient experience.


Simple, Safe, Reliable

Akesis products are purposefully designed to be simple, safe and reliable. Only a small team of clinicians is needed to support the planning and treatment delivery process.


Improved Cost Effectiveness

The Galaxy System was also engineered to reduce service and maintenance requirements, and the smaller number of Co-60 sources lowers costs when it is time to reload.