Can you


the next evolution in radiation medicine?

At Akesis, we did.

Can you


the next evolution in
radiation medicine?

At Akesis, we did.

Next-Generation 360° Rotational Delivery

The Akesis Galaxy® is a rotating gamma system that combines the proven efficacy of gamma-beam based therapy with state-of-the-art rotational technology to optimize treatment planning and delivery.

The system’s dynamic, rotational delivery provides more coverage and flexibility in shaping the dose distributions as opposed to traditional, fixed sector-based delivery.

Simplifying SRS – Akesis Galaxy® Platform

Akesis Galaxy® RTi

The Akesis Galaxy RTi is the first gamma system with both rotational delivery and real-time, in-line CBCT and kV/kV imaging. Because the imaging and treatment beams are coincident, there is no interruption to the treatment for imaging.

Akesis Galaxy® RTx

Higher patient throughput and less downtime for installation and source replacement are just two of the ways the Akesis Galaxy RTx delivers a strong ROI.

Akesis Galaxy®

The Akesis Galaxy is a rotating gamma system with patented, continuous 360º rotational technology. The non-static beams reduce dose peaks to the skin and scalp and help avoid hot spots.


Real-time imaging

The Akesis Galaxy RTi incorporates real-time, in-line CBCT and kV/kV imaging – no need to move the patient or interrupt the treatment. The kV conebeam CT imaging gives physicians new treatment insights.


Fractionated treatments

Physicians are able to choose their preferred fixation, stereotactic frame or mask – then deliver fractionated treatments with a high degree of accuracy and confidence.


Highly conformal

Patented rotational design allows delivery of highly conformal treatments. Beams are not static, reducing dose peaks to the skin, scalp and normal tissue while potentially avoiding hot spots.

Akesis Gemini360*

Innovating Radiation Medicine

Akesis Gemini360

Innovating Radiation Medicine

Akesis Gemini LINAC plus gamma treatmens

Uniquely Incorporating Both LINAC and Gamma Technology

Experience the future of radiation medicine with the Akesis Gemini360™, which enables a truly broad range of advanced radiotherapy treatment options with multiple in-line, real-time imaging capabilities.

*FDA K210921, Ready for Sale.