Innovative Radiotherapy Companies Akesis and MacroMedics Explore Advances in Head and Neck Positioning

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CONCORD, CA, March 4, 2022 –Akesis and MacroMedics® recently completed usability testing with a specially designed version of the MacroMedics Double Shell Positioning System (DSPS®) on the Akesis Galaxy® RTi.

The DSPS® balances the often-competing aspects of patient comfort, accuracy, and throughput. The DSPS® system consists of two masks made of special thermoplastic materials: an ultra-light carbon fiber cradle that supports the head and a facial mask. The advanced double shell design enables the clinician to achieve high precision positioning for stereotactic cases both SRS and SRT.

“We found the DSPS mask to be very easy to use and believe it will enhance treatment accuracy as well as patient coMacroMedica DSPSmfort,” said Gerry Vantellingen, President of Akesis. “Integrating the mask with our in-line kV imaging can offer new confidence to radiation oncologists and medical physicists in planning and delivering highly conformal radiotherapy treatments.”

The Akesis Galaxy RTi is an advanced gamma stereotactic radiosurgery system (SRS) with 360o rotational technology and real-time, in-line imaging. It is the only high-precision intracranial gamma system with real-time and in-line CBCT + kV/kV imaging. The imaging system is on a rigid ring-gantry at the treatment plane, eliminating the need to move the patient or interrupt treatment to image. It also supports fully automated intrafractional skull tracking and corrections.

The dynamic, rotational delivery of the Akesis Galaxy RTi can provide significant decreases in treatment time while increasing flexibility in shaping the dose distribution as opposed to traditional, fixed sector-based delivery. The compact source drawer with 30 gamma sources, combined with the four sizes of collimators and one blocking position, offers almost infinite possibilities to shape the dose distribution.

About Akesis

At Akesis, we believe that everyone should have access to life-saving radiation medicine. Akesis, named after a Greek god of healing, is developing innovative stereotactic radiosurgery and linear accelerator platforms that incorporate patented, continuous 360o rotational technology and real-time, in-line imaging. By combining innovative, advanced technology with proven treatment approaches, Akesis is creating the next evolution in Radiation Medicine. Akesis products are manufactured at the company’s facility east of San Francisco, CA.

About MacroMedics

Driven by the objective to help patients and therapists through innovation, MacroMedics works in cooperation with radiotherapy professionals to design, produce and distribute high-end positioning products for radiotherapy which prioritize accuracy, workflow efficiency and patient comfort. A Dutch company founded in 2010 opened its US operations in Greenville, SC in 2016. MacroMedics has already established itself as an international leader in innovation for patient positioning products for radiation oncology. An example of which can be seen in the acclaimed Double Shell Positioning System, which was a finalist in the Dutch Design Awards in 2013 and the first of its kind.