Akesis Galaxy®

Simplifying SRS

Akesis Galaxy®

Simplifying SRS

While stereotactic radiosurgery is clinically well proven, there are opportunities to streamline the treatment process and improve mechanical performance. At Akesis, we were unburdened by legacy designs.

The Akesis Galaxy® Platform

Clinical Advances

  • Patented, continuous 360° rotational technology
  • Enhanced ability to shape dose distribution vs. traditional, fixed sector-based deliver

Improved ROI

  • Only 30 gamma sources lowers total cost of ownership and reduces downtime during source replacement
  • Highly intuitive, integrated software combined with one-button dose delivery

1. Modern Rotational Design

Non-static beams reduce dose peaks to the skin and scalp and avoidance of hot spots resulting in a smooth, sharp and predictable penumbra.

2. Accuracy First

Radiology accuracy is <0.5mm through the device’s clinical life.**

3. In-room Display

Thoughtfully placed within easy reach of the operator during patient setup, the display provides visual confirmation of the treatment plan process and patient identity.

4. Automatic Collimation Changes

Collimator rotation of up to 4RPM with sizes of 4, 8, 14 and 18mm that are changed on the fly in accordance with the treatment plan.

5. Automatic Positioning System

3-D positioning integrated into the couch offers patient positioning accuracy with a reproducibility of <0.5mm.

6. Decreased Treatment Times

Treatment automation helps optimize the patient flow and increase patient comfort.

Akesis Galaxy Benefits

  • 30 radiation sources
  • 10x more beams for optimization
  • Simplified treatment delivery
  • Comprehensive service
  • Cost-effective source replacement
  • Robust reimbursement

Combines a proven treatment modality with innovative technology to streamline intracranial stereotactic radiosurgery.

Allows you to design and deliver highly conformal treatments that potentially lowers the dose to healthy skin while reducing hot spots and dose peaks.

Reduced reload costs – without losing flexibility and precision in treatment performance.