Akesis Galaxy™ – Optimizing and Simplifying SRS

The Akesis Galaxy builds on well-proven isometric design principles that have been published in more than 2,000 peer-reviewed papers for Co-60 based radiosurgery.

However, the Galaxy offers the largest choice of automated collimator selections to build more complex composite shots, “shrink-wrapping” the dose distribution to the target.


Highly Conformal

The patented rotational design of the Akesis Galaxy allows physicians to prescribe highly conformal treatments while minimizing dose to healthy tissues. Unlike other gamma systems for radiosurgery, beams are not static and dose peaks to the skin and scalp are reduced while simultaneously avoiding hot spots.


Cost Effective

The Akesis Galaxy was specifically designed to streamline installation and be easy to maintain. Reducing the number of sources to 30 also reduces the cost and downtime when it’s time for reloading.



The Akesis Galaxy system can satisfy the needs of busy urban clinics as well as community-based centers with lower staffing levels. Highly intuitive, integrated software combined with one-button dose delivery supports both high throughput centers as well as less populated areas. In addition, the Akesis Galaxy incorporates automatic collimation changes, with collimator rotation of up to 4RPM with sizes of 4, 8, 14 and 18mm that are changed on the fly in accordance with the treatment plan.

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