Akesis Gemini360™

Innovating radiation medicine

Akesis Gemini360™*

Innovating radiation medicine

The Akesis Gemini360 system uniquely incorporates both LINAC and gamma treatment capabilities, placing the same patented rotating gamma technology found in the Akesis Galaxy® on a ring gantry. The system features a conventional 6 MV LINAC head, 120 leaf MLC and a full 40 x 40 field size, providing the user with the capability and flexibility of a conventional radiotherapy treatment machine.

Broad range of advanced radiotherapy treatments

Linac-based treatment options include:

  • Standard IG-IMRT (VMAT + Step and Shoot)
  • 3DCRT
  • Breast tangents
  • And more…

Gamma head provides nuanced dose painting abilities paired with steep dose fall off

  • High-precision intracranial SRS/SRT
  • Non-coplanar beams without couch kicks

Multiple in-line, real-time imaging options

  • Real-time 3D CBCT imaging
  • Real-time 2D kV/kV imaging
  • Automated intrafractional skull tracking and couch corrections

*The Akesis Gemini360 is a works in progress. Not available for sale.