Akesis Gemini360™    Clinical Value

Innovating radiation medicine

As a pioneer in developing the world-first multi-modality RT platform, Akesis brought “X/γ Integrated Radiation Therapy System”(Gemini360) by integrating 1) a 6MV 40cm x 40cm slip-ring based LINAC workhorse and 2) a whole-body rotational Gamma system for SRS/SBRT. Both treatment modalities are enhanced with end-to-end imaging guidance and intelligent adaptive therapy capabilities. It is FDA 510k pending (510k clearance is expected in 2024 Q1).


Gemini360 holds unique value for multi-targets simultaneous irradiation, i.e., Spatially Fractionated Radiation Therapy (SFRT). Preliminary clinical studies have demonstrated significant advantages in the clinical scenario of primary tumors with nearby or distant metastases, as shown in case (1) with lymph node metastasis in the neck and chest and metastases in the lungs. Furthermore, Gemini360 exhibits notable advantages in local dose painting, addressing local advanced tumors’ hypoxic zones, local dose escalation, and simultaneous preventive irradiation outside the target area, as illustrated in case (2) liver cancer and (3) lung cancer brain metastasis. Additionally, Gemini360 could facilitate grid/lattice irradiation for late-stage/giant tumors with suboptimal responses to conventional therapy. We are calling for wide collaborations with clinical centers for ongoing cutting-edge clinical research exploring the full benefit to cancer patients.

Case 1

After left breast cancer surgery, Metastasis in neck and mediastinal lymph nodes, plus lung oligometastasis.


Case 2

Liver cancer


Case 3

Brain metastasis of lung cancer


The X/γ Integrated Radiation Therapy System (Gemini360) shows a remarkable advantage in local dose escalation and asynchronous boost. With one-time setup, patients go through dual-modality RT treatment, saving patients’ and clinical operators’ time and energy, avoiding the complexity of developing multiple treatment plans in conventional radiation therapy and the setup errors associated with multiple setups. The end-to-end imaging guidance, especially the real-time KV imaging guidance during treatment significantly enhances treatment accuracy and efficiency.

In the hundred years of development in tumor radiation therapy, the emergence of the X/γ Integrated Radiation Therapy System (Gemini360) provides a new approach to tumor treatment. With its unique clinical value advantages, it is gradually changing the paradigm of tumor treatment, opening a new chapter. We believe that with the continuous development and improvement of this technology, more patients will benefit in the future, providing essential support for the health of cancer patients.