Akesis Galaxy® RTi

The only gamma system with:

  • Real-time, in-line imaging

  • Rotational delivery

  • Innovative, efficient source design

Akesis Galaxy® RTi

Simplifying SRS

The Akesis Galaxy RTi is a rotating gamma system that combines the proven efficacy of gamma radiation with state-of-the-art rotational technology to optimize treatment planning and delivery. The system’s dynamic, rotational delivery provides more coverage and the ability to shape the dose distribution as opposed to traditional, fixed sector-based delivery.

Impressive Return on Investment

Optimize Treatment

Choose between mask-based fractionated or frame-based SRS/SRT


Radiology accuracy <0.5mm through the device’s clinical life*

Patient Throughput

Because the imaging and treatment beams are coincident, there’s no interruption to the treatment for imaging, reducing patient “time on the table”


At the control desk, simply push the start button and the entire treatment progresses with no further user interaction, no matter how complex the collimator shot design; no need to interrupt the treatment for patient imaging

Automatic Collimation Changes

Gantry rotation of up to 4 RPM with sizes of 4, 8, 14 and 18mm that are changed on the fly in accordance with the treatment plan

Real-time, in-line CBCT and kV/kV imaging

No need to move the patient between imaging and treatment

  • Be more confident by imaging patient in the treatment position

  • Achieve faster overall treatment times compared to competing technologies

Image at any point during the treatment process

  • Intrafractional imaging for mid-treatment position verification and treating multiple targets


How 30 sources + 4 collimators = infinite possibilities

  • Four sizes of collimators and one blocking position

  • 30 gamma sources in a compact drawer

By rotating the gamma sources during treatment, 30 non-overlapping arcs are formed. You also have the flexibility to choose partial arcs. ( For example, you can do two partial arcs to avoid dose to the eyes.)

When treatment is initiated with the Akesis Galaxy RTi:

  • Sources are aligned to the desired collimator size

  • The source unit and the secondary collimator rotate as a single unit

  • The target is moved to the focal point to automate treatment delivery


Product information

*The Akesis Galaxy RTi will perform with a total radiological accuracy of < 0.5mm when a valid service agreement is maintained.