Leasing Options

Leasing Options

At Akesis, we understand your deep commitment to delivering the highest-quality care with the help of leading-edge technology. However, that objective must be balanced by the need to achieve financial stability for your organization.

To support your goals, Akesis has collaborated with our financial partner to develop flexible financing arrangements that meet both your clinical and financial needs. We will work closely with you to customize a financing plan that is viable for your organization.


6-year and 10-year leases

with service contracts that allow you to treat as few as five or six patients per month due to strong reimbursement

Up to 6-month deferral of the initial payment

allowing you to go through install and the first few months of treatment before payment is due

Revenue sharing

arrangements that both reduce risk and required capital investment

Invention Supports Financial Strength

The Akesis platform approach was created to avoid obsolescence, allowing you to add new features and functionality when you are ready. The Akesis Galaxy® RTx can be upgraded with imaging, or you can add a gamma head to the Akesis Gemini360® LINAC.

Akesis has also reduced the time required for source change in the Akesis Galaxy systems from weeks to a matter of days with a unique approach that eliminates single source replacement in favor of an all-in-one source drawer.

The Akesis Gemini360® is a works in progress and not available for sale in the US.